Home Brewer Vs Barista

Now some of you may think that this a given conclusion. They’re both the same! All you’re doing is making coffee, the good stuff, that black gold.

Well, guess what?  You’re wrong, REAL wrong!! But it’s cool, I still vibe Y’all…..

When I first started thinking about making coffee my full-time job, I was a hella nerdy home coffee geek and thought that the transition would be easy, but I was so wrong! Working in coffee is actually more like 25% making coffee, 50% making sure the customer is having a great time (or at least it should be), and finally 25% cleaning… THERE’S SO MUCH MESS!!!!! (Please note, percentages are only a reference and are entirely based on my math ability, hence the easy digits, Y’all vibe that I know)…..

Now don’t get me wrong, great coffee is important and if you make someone a bad brew no amount of insane customer service is going to make up for it. On the other hand, if you brew a bad coffee at home all that’s going to happen is, well…… You’re going to have to drink a less than okay brew, or maybe a family member or friend. However, when someone is paying good money for a little cup of vibes the pressure is on. The things at home that you may let slip like blooming too long or getting the ratio a little off just won’t fly in the shop.

Brewing at home you have time, and this is the big one for me and something that was also my biggest eye-opener. Because I was such a home coffee geek I took my time and everything was at a relaxed pace. If it was the morning, I’d get up earlier than I needed to take my time making my morning coffee and just really enjoy the process. However as a barista, in the morning people are in and out, there is a rush, they haven’t got the time for you to kick it, so neither have you.

Finally the cleaning, there’s lots of it! It’s a constant tiding throughout the day, then there is the dreaded end of the day clean where you have 8 hours of shit to sort before you are done, super satisfying if you have got a slight OCD like myself but at the time its a royal ball ache.


Bet your thinking why the hell are you even working in coffee right?

Well, the thing is, all of these slight negatives are hugely outweighed by the plethora of positives. For instance in how many other industries do you have the ability to make someone’s day better in such a small amount of time?  The conversations, the friendships and the great positive environment are exactly why I love coffee!!

So in conclusion, if you want to just make coffee, stay as a home brewer. But if you are a people person and you just happen to love coffee, Which of course you do why else would you be reading this shit… Maybe take the leap and have a career change!


Always a Vibe



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