Four Pour Feels, A Recipe For Two.

Paying homage to the brewing technique I started off with, but adapting it with some small changes to help aid better extract. This method does involve the use a calculator, but fear not I’m going to do all that math for you. Think of this like any good Jamie Oliver recipe you just need to open the book and away you go.

It’s a four pour FEELING….

So what’s the original method that you know better than? I hear y’all thinking that!

Well it’s the 10-30 method.

If you’re unfamiliar with this method, it involves splitting you’re pours into 4 stages.

  • The first pour (or bloom) is 10% of your total water weight.
  • Then the other three stages are three pours of 30% of the total water weight. E.g.

10% +

30% +

30% +

30% = 100%

It a great method for learning to pour in stages but, lets break down the major fail with this method! Using 10% of the total water weight for the bloom is no way near enough water to saturate the brew bed and allow water to fully get in contact with all of the coffee.

Drawing similarities from the 10/30 method, my method still focuses on four pours but I use a larger % of water for the bloom and then split the remaining water up evenly (ish).

I’ve Increased the bloom to 20% of the total water weight and then split the remaining three pours into 26% this makes the math a little more simple and also because let’s be totally real here! Does one gram here and one gram there actually make that much of a noticeable difference!?

So this is my recipe that I use for making coffee for two people, because life is better when you have somebody to share coffee with.

  • V60 – 02
  • Dry Coffee Weight: 32g (Ground a little coarser than you would for single serve)
  • Total Water Weight: 528g @ 93-94 degrees
  • Coffee to Water Ratio: 1:16.5

Here’s exactly how your scales should read after you have finished  each pour.

  • 1st pour (or Bloom) = 105g (stirrrrr it dudes)
  • Wait 30 secs
  • 2nd pour = 246g
  • 3rd pour = 387g
  • 4th and final pour =528g
  • The brew time should be around the 3:30 / 3:45 mark

As always try to pour gently in tight concentric circles, also seeing the coffee change colour evenly as you pour water on it is a great indicator that you are pouring evenly.

Decant into two cups and converse with a friend.


Always a vibe,


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