In Conversation With: Vancouver Coffee Snob.

Before I get started on the questions, It’s probably best that I give you a little bit of background info on why Tom, aka Mr Vancouver Coffee Snob has to feature on this blog, and how he was kind of crucial in shaping my time in Vancouver thus far…..

Tom runs the pretty famous (certainly in Vancouver/Canada) @vancouvercoffeesnob Instagram account and website. His opinions are well-respected for their accuracy, honesty, and most definitely his humor!! Oh and him being somewhat of a douchebag… Haha, sorry Tom. You know people say that about you though, Right? Awkward…

Regardless of all that, Tom is still pretty much anonymous (hence the coffee cup for a head in the picture). Although I feel that being incognito is getting a little harder for him! Either way, Tom goes around the great city of Vancouver reviewing new and well established coffee shops. He also informs people of all their coffee needs, you know like where you can get the best oat milk, upcoming events etc… You can find his website hereee……… (you definitely could have found that without my help, haha)

So anyway, how did Tom help me find my way here in Van?

Simple, I was following his page, obviously…

When I was back in the UK and looking for potential spots to work at in Vancouver, I came across his page. I could tell that he was clearly honest, knew about coffee (so it was reliable info) and his content was great, so I could see a clear picture of where my style might fit in best.

As I was scrolling down his feed this one picture just jumped out at me…..

Nemesis what else would it have been!!! You know what ….. im gonna put the picture here, y’all need to see it…


nem vcs

(I’m a filter guy, so you know this got me real stoked)

I later found out that Tom had also voted Nemesis the best shop in Vancouver. That’s pretty dope!

Honestly though, if it wasn’t for his hard work in creating a platform for coffee loving people (like me) to find great coffee then perhaps, I may just of missed out on Nemesis. So, that’s why im grateful to Tom.

Right, Let’s get down to it then.

I met up with Tom at Aubade in Chinatown. I feel I should definitely do a blog on this place, it’s crazy good. Or you can just read Tom’s.

link here: vancouvercoffeesnob/aubade-coffee.

I digress far too much…. So yeah,  Tom and I sat down for an hour, drank some dope coffee brewed by Eldric and had a great chat, this is some of what we had to say.

This is…. In Conversation With Vancouver Coffee Snob.

Jamie: What first made you start your page?

Tom: “I started the page because I wanted to read about decent coffee shops in town, and I wanted a certain type of review. So I had a look around online and I found that there was lots of stuff out there, like top tens, best in Gastown etc… and it was written by “self-confessed coffee lover” who mainly has pictures of her in Starbucks!! So I wanted to find someone who, kind of knew about coffee and was similar to me! But there wasn’t anybody out there. So I started my own page. At first I was being very concise and factual, then I quickly got really bored with it. But then one day I started being more myself, really sarcastic and self-deprecating and that’s when it got really popular.

Jamie: What was the coffee that made you reevaluate whats possible with coffee?

Tom: It was up in 1914, Squarmish. It was a coffee that tasted like bright green apples, and it wasnt like a coffee that had elements of bright green apples, it was like an Applejack (apple liquor).

Jamie: Is there anything else recently that has surprised you in coffee?

Tom: Yes it’s most definitely the generosity of the coffee scene and how far they are willing to go for each other. Some of the things I have seen them do for each other is so unbelievably thoughtful.

Jamie: Do you have any advice for people who would like to grow a coffee page?

Tom: I would say go to as many coffee events as possible. For me I learnt a lot from events like COFFEE POT LUCK. Also I only got really popular once I started writing in my proper voice rather than trying to be functional and lastly being really honest, People appreciate the honestly.

Jamie: Last question, when you’ve got too much money whats your dream home set up?

Tom: Easy single group slayer and a EK43s


It was so dope to spend the afternoon with Tom, we literally spent ages pretty much talking a load of shit…. like for real!

So to save y’all the expense of reading 45 pages of english sarcasm, I’m gonna wrap this up here.

Thank you for your time Tom and for being the first feature of IN CONVERSATION WITH.

Always A Vibe





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