The Recipe Where Life Comes Before Coffee…… haha, Yeah right!

Lets get real for a second!!

Now sometimes, life does come before coffee. Like when you’re late for work in the morning and you just need a quick, but still delicious brew before you head out the door for the day. Or in my more recent case, when you’re on the road and all you have is a the tailgate of a truck and some fucking incredible views, insert picture to make you all jealous……. Here,


Sorry…… Couldnt resist haha.

anyway regardless of your situation, I belive you should have a strong go-to recipe for your Aeropress without too much stress. A kind of recipe that has that cowboy coffee feel but a little less rough around the edges..

so here we go:

  • Traditional method
  • Place the cup and Aeropress on the scales ( obvs, after you have done all that pre-heating and filter flush stuff)
  • 18g of medium fine, ground coffee
  • bloom with 80g of water (typically it should have been off the boil for about a min)
  • Place plunger onto the brewing chamber
  • Leave for 40 seconds
  • Remove plunger and add 160g of water
  • Place the plunger back on the brewing chamber
  • Wait until 1:40 and press until 2:20
  • Remove the Aeropress.

Now that’s gonna be pretty strong and on days like this, all I want is a lotta coffee so I then add a further 50g of water to the final cup of brewed coffee.


There it is the laid back brew that’s quick and works great.


Always a Vibe


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