Nemesis Coffee…… That LIT Culture

Imagine someone telling you that you could move to a place that you’ve always dreamed of, and you’ll land yourself a job at the best coffee spot in the city! What would you do??

You’d write a dope ass blog, that’s what you’d do.

And that’s exactly what this is…..So, before you continue any further this is the DISCLAIMER: 

You need to know that I am 100% affiliated with the aforementioned shop AKA the dream factory (I made that cheesy shit up, no one actually calls it that haha) , AKA Nemesis coffee. This is also 100% a biased view. BUT, you know what? Y’all are going to carry on reading anyway because this is going to be so goooood…

nemesis 2.jpg

So to the beginning, where it all started with a slide right into Nemesis DM’s while I was in Calgary, Alberta. Of course, I already knew about Nemesis, I’d been following them for some time on Insta! I knew how they were creating a culture around coffee and really pushing the social boundaries, in offering a space for people to congregate in true Canadian fashion (basically saying sorry at every available opportunity, hahaha). In all seriousness I honestly wasn’t prepared for what I was about to experience….

Skip forward a few weeks later. I arrived in Van, and arranged with them to show up at an event that they where having that night at the shop. It was a whole bunch of dj’s mixing and playing their tunes to each other after the place had shut for the night (cool as shit right). Instantly I just felt them positive vibes (all about them PV’s). One of the owners walks in Jess, and just gives everyone in the place a hug. I mean, I’m thinking no one is this nice!? I was wrong… He legit is. The exact same can be said for the rest of the owners Albert, Cole, Jacob and James, just 5 cool guys making it.

From this moment, I was just like this is the place for me!!. I stayed and hungout for a while, arranged a trail shift and just basically discussed all of our idea’s and it just felt RIGHT.

So yeah I got the gig, But you knew that already…..

Anyway this is a coffee blog, so I should probably talk about that for a bit….


As you have all probably worked out by now I’m a filter kind of guy. Espresso just really does nothing for me. So you can imagine my excitement with a brew bar set up like that…. An EK 43 purely for filter coffee, a sleek AF pour over station, Monarch method kettles and super consistant hot water tap, that’s all I need, I’m in my absolute element.

Nemesis have a constantly changing selection of different roasters making an appearance. In the short time I’ve been there, there has been Slate, Pallet, Luna, Sample and Fried hats. All of them are dialled in accordingly and brewed every morning before the doors open, to make sure it’s still tasting good, according to the previous days recipe. It’s this attention to detail and passion for not only the product but the experience that the customer receives, that sets them aside from the rest.

nemesis 1


But all of this is just the start, I see so much potential in this opportunity, and I suppose this is just my way of saying I’m fucking grateful for it you know.

Big things are coming….

Vancouver’s a Vibe,

Nemesis is a Vibe,

Life’s a Vibe,

Always a Vibe,





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