Aeropress Culture


Back once again with another AP recipe for y’all to vibe with.

  • 21g coffee – (coarse pour over grind)
  • 240g water @ 89 degrees
  • Pre heat and flush the filter paper
  • Add the coffee
  • Start timer and Tare scales
  • Bloom 80g – wait 30 seconds
  • Stir four times
  • Add the remaining 160g
  • Flip at 1:00
  • Press @ 1:20
  • Press until 1:50
  • Bypass with 90g water

This is my current go to recipe. I’ve found the higher dry dose, combined with a pour over style grind and a bypass at the end gives for a real juicy mouth feel. At nemesis we’ve just received a fresh drop from Lüna, so I’ve been brewing up this Kenyan and it’s legit incredible, just imagine the freshest mango you’ve ever had and you’ll be pretty close!!

I’m loving having Lüna on the brew at the minute, not only because the coffee is so good but the guys are hella rad!! 10 points if you can find them in the picture below. It’s kinda like where’s Waldo but with coffee roasters hahaha…… (I know, I find it wierd saying Waldo too. The UK have it right with Wally)

Hope you enjoy this recipe and as always keep the messages coming, I love hearing how you’ve been getting on.


Always a vibe


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