Single Pour Situations

This is everything I love about travel and coffee…

A new shop, a new style of brewing and a new country. Which in turn all leads to one outcome.

Personal and professional growth!!!

This method of brewing is so different from the style I was used to back home, and while this style is common place all over the world I haven’t seen it in any of the places I have previously worked in, so im claiming it as the new, new (shout out Jared Truby for the lingo).

So why is this blog called the Single Pour Situations?? well that’s pretty self-explanatory…. it’s all one pour, well technically two but we’ll ignore that bloom, Right??

Y’all are probably sick of my rambling by now, so here’s what you need and the vibe so you can pull it off:

  • Scale, Timer, Goose neck kettle, V60 – 02, Spoon, Third wave or good filtered water and obviously some dope coffee (currently using L√ľna, Jelly Donut from Colombia).
  • Dry dose: 21g @ medium grind
  • Water: 340g @ 93 degrees
  • Brew time 3:30 – 4:00
  • Pre heat the V60 and flush the filter paper
  • Place the Coffee in the V60 and put the carafe and V60 on your scale
  • Tare the scale and press GOOO on the timer
  • Start pouring in the middle of the coffee and bloom with 70g of water
  • Stir the slurry and wait until the timer reads 0:45
  • Very quickly and without using too much water gently wash away and coffee grounds that are on filter paper
  • Then move your flow of water directly into the middle of the coffee and in a clockwise motion continue to pour in tight concentric circles, going all the way to the edge of the V60 then back into the middle.
  • continue this pour until the scale reads 340g
  • NOW….. its important that you pour slowly and precisely, watching for colour change in the “creama” (if you can call it that) you’ll noticed that when you pour water on the coffee bed it will go a lighter colour. This is a great indicator of an even pour.
  • You should finish pouring around the 1:15 mark.
  • After pouring gently grab the V60 and swirl the brew around, this will stop any high and dry grounds and level the brew bed for the draw down.
  • Wait for it for drawn down to finish and serve into a pre-heated cup.
  • Enjoy that GOOOODNESS….




This brew style is awesome for temperature stability which really helps with creating an even extraction. So remember pour slow and precise and keep an eye on your flow rate of water.

Maybe you already brew like this, maybe this is something completely new, either way I hope you enjoy your next morning coffee this way.


Always a Vibe


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