Amsterdam Coffee Tour Day 3: Lot Sixty One

The third and final part of this incredible tour was the SUPER hip Lot Sixty One Coffee RoastersSituated in Amsterdam Oude West and sitting proudly on the corner of one of Amsterdam’s 1281 bridges**, Lot is the perfect place to sit outside on one the benches and watch the world go by.

lot outsidfe.jpg

Told you, right….

Inside does the setting complete justice, subway tiles and stained wood throughout gives for a warm and inviting feeling and a set of stairs that look down on a Probat Roaster that frame it all perfectly.

lot roaster

The super friendly and knowledgable staff recommended a filter option from Burundi, and I challenge you to pronounce it, so without¬† further ado, GOOO…… Buziraguhindwa. No? Me neither haha, anyway regardless of how hard it is to pronounce the coffee was absolutely delicious!! A grapefruit acidity and a jam, jelly kind of fruitiness that reminded me of cherries left me so happy I could of sat outside all day in the sun sipping on that.

Lot was the perfect end to my very brief time in Amsterdam. I wasn’t in Amsterdam for the coffee it was merely a stop over to catch up with old friends on the way to Canada so while this isn’t the most comprehensive guide to the Amsterdam scene (it was never meant to be) I really hope I have inspired you to check it out. The place has so much more about it than the stereotype. A vibrant and cool as shit place,¬† with incredible coffee and even better people!!

Dam I’ll be back as soon as I can.

Always a VIBE


** Note: My Highly unreliable friend give me that little peal of Amsterdam trivia, so I take NO responsiblity if its absolute nonsense hahaha….

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