The Amsterdam Coffee Shop Tour: Day 2 Scandinavian Embassy

So this was the day I was most stoked about. But I was seriously unprepared for what was about to unfold.Now you make think that’s a bit extreme, right??? It’s just another coffee shop! But the experience I had there has honestly set the president for all that I now expect from coffee. In a lot of ways it’s its ruined coffee for me because I know its gonna be a LOOONNNG time before I have another brew like that!! Haha…

So come on then tell me about the coffee. Yeaaah?

Well before I get to that, let me tell you about the offerings. With arguably Europe’s two biggest hitters¬† Coffee Collective and Koppi¬† on offer, I knew this was going to be awesome.

As I got to bar I was greeted by the barista who even though was busy was still incredibly engaging and so knowledgable about the farms of each coffee, it felt to me that she had a personal connection with each coffee, it was a completely new experience to see such a depth of knowledge while still carrying on with her other tasks.

So after quite a lengthy chat, I decided to go for the Natural, Bolivian From Coffee Collective. I was expecting the normal juicy, super fruity notes that’s common place in naturals…… But this was different, it was clean, incredibly clean, light and beautifully balanced. Even though the coffee was incredible (I mean it was obvious that this was very well produced and just as much care was taken in roasting it), that wasn’t the best bit, the brew itself was outstanding. The perfect extraction!! No bitterness, absolutely zero astringency and sweet beyond belief. Just mind-blowing!!!

se brew

Now im sure by now you can tell just how outstanding this brew was, but that is just part of this story. It takes more than just good coffee to make a great coffee shop, but Scandinavian Embassy has it all. The staff where so friendly, so knowledgable, the vibe was just perfect, it felt so brilliantly European, friends conversing outside on the front, laughing in sun. The park adjacent has an uncanny Central Park, New York feel to it, progressive and artistic, just a melting pot of vibes.

All of this combined reminded me of the first time I feel in love with coffee. That why SE is easily in my Top 3 coffee shops I’ve ever visited. A coffee, a brew and an experience that is going to be so hard to beat and I honestly feel that it’s going to be long time until it is.



That was more than a vibe



(look at how happy my face was after)


se bike me

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