The Amsterdam Coffee Shop Tour: Day 1. (actual coffee shops, not the other kind)

As the title suggests upon arriving in Amsterdam I found that a coffee shop in the Netherlands isn’t quite what it is the rest of Europe!!! Not going to lie I was a little disappointed. There I was thinking their was a plethora of bad ass coffee shops every third or fourth shop, but it wasn’t the case haha….

Not to be deterred and never being unprepared, I had already done my research I knew that my first stop would be Bocca. Situated on a beautiful side street, off one of Amsterdam’s many busy streets through the city centre, you are initially greeted with a workshop door that has a real edge to it, inviting and mysterious with quite obviously high end interior awaiting you.




The inside really lived up to my hopes, super light and airy, with a polished concrete floor, clean white walls and pastel textures all give for a welcoming and fresh feel. Truly a space that feels creative and certainly a cool spot to just hangout. As soon as you enter an old Probat roaster that has been converted into a water fountain greets you, a touch of class that tells you their serious about their craft.

After a quick walk around and checking out the filter options, I opted for the Thunguri AA, a fully washed processed coffee from Kenya, a combination of SL28, SL34 and Ruiru 11 varieties.

So after I ordered I helped myself to some water from the dopest water fountain ever  and then took a seat in a cool corner spot and a small wait later the coffee arrived, served in a sleek and elegant jug and tumbler by my favourite coffee wear producer Kinto . The brew was a beautiful example of Kenyan coffee, typical blackberry, dark berry notes with a nice juicy mouthfeel. But to be honest though, I found that I was so involved with the space that it somewhat distracted me from the coffee, I was just in awe with the vibe. This happens to me from time to time, I get so caught up in the experience. So sorry for the lack of detail In the coffee but I feel that coffee is so much more than just a beverage, it’s a journey!!!

bocca space

So yeah, if I lived in dam I could certainly see myself spending a lot of time in Bocca if not for the coffee then definitely for the feel of the space. Such a memorable experience and im so glad that Bocca was my first introduction into Amsterdam speciality coffee.


Always a vibe


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