How James Hoffman made me love the French Press again

I was pretty skeptical about this post after seeing that James has had his Aeropress dice completely ripped off by a supposed coffee professional (watch the video).

Why?? Because this recipe isn’t mine. I felt in light of that recent event that i was copying him! But then when i thought about it, it’s absurd. I’ve already posted about it on my Instagram (peep it), im spreading his knowledge, not copying it and claiming it as mine without his permission, and most importantly if we all stop spreading the knowledge of people who know more than us then that’s a sure-fire way to ensure that education and ideas off the back of innovation will slow down.

So here we go,

When I first moved away from instant coffee into pre ground supermarket bought coffee I loved the french press, it was a brewing device that was easy to use and more importantly it made ME feel good that I was brewing my own coffee. But as my taste changed (or could say it was my pallet was developing) I was no longer interested in the vicious cup of coffee that the french press made! So fast forward two or more years and I came across this recipe, and it blew my mind!! It turned a brewing device from something that in my new opinion produces a pretty terrible brew, heavy bodied and over extracted into a much light bodied, balanced, cupping-esk belter of a brew.

Sure partly some of why i was getting poor brews at the beginning was down to my lack of knowledge, experience and the terrible coffee but not all of it. The agitation caused by pressing the plunger at the end of the brew creates over extraction. James idea of leaving the plunger up and just using it as a filter,while delicately pouring, is beautifully simple and that’s why I love it. It has turned a brewing device that i had fallen out of love with into something that is now my go to brew method when i get a new coffee. so a BIG thanks to JH for the vibe.

You can find James YouTube page Here the French Press video Here or see below for my compacted version (this recipe is good for Four people):

  • Grind 50g of coffee (medium grind)
  • Place the French press on the scales and add the coffee
  • Add 800g of filtered water just off the boil
  • Leave for 4 minutes
  • After the four minutes have passed gently stir the crust that has formed
  • Then with two spoons remove the foam and any floating sediment
  • Leave for at least 5 minutes!!! (the longer you leave it the better)
  • Place the lid back on the French press and plunge until the plunger just touches the coffee
  • Pour gently into your pre heated cup.
  • Enjoy.



Always a vibe


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