Koppi Slopes of 8

I’ve been waiting absolutely ages to get my hands on a bag of Koppi And with my recent trip to Amsterdam and a visit to Scandinavian Embassy (more to come on that soon) I managed to pick a bag up. There was two Kenyan’s on offer, Karimikui and the Slopes of 8. Both sounded amazing so it was pretty much a case of picking the one with the best name (got to keep it real with y’all here, hahaha).

Anyway im glad I did!

Slopes of 8 is a collective of 8 farmers from Kirinyaga, Kenya (crazy right, hahah). They have decided to collaborate in growing and processing their coffee individually at their farm, instead of turning their coffee into a cooperative. This ensure’s the quality isn’t lost and it really tells.

This Kenyan kicks of with a heavy dose of rich brown sugar and currant sweetness, then moves into a lingering citrus thinggg.

With now being back on the travel vibe, I’m stuck with just my Aeropress for a while… Which is normally cool, but this coffee is kind of delicate, and after a few brews, I knew that this coffee needed something different… So I decided to brew it with two filters, just to really show off its clarity and crispness, and it worked a treat. If I was at home this would be one for the Chemex!!

It’s such a beautiful coffee and i’m so stoked that I picked it up.

Here’s my current Aeropress recipe:

Inverted Method

  • Rinse TWO filters and pre heat the Aeropress as normal
  • Grind 14g of coffee, medium but more on the finer side
  • Place the Aeropress on your scales and add the ground coffee
  • Pour 60g of filtered water just off the boil to bloom and stir gently
  • After 40 seconds add 170g of water (scales should be @ 230g)
  • Stir 4 times and fit the filter
  • Flip after 1:30
  • Slowly press until 1:50
  • Wait for it to cool slightly and enjoy that goodness.


Always a vibe



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