I Like clean clinical lines and aesthetics, so when i found Rosslyn on Instagram it was a must that i visited it.

First impressions were incredible, minimal but not pretentious, grand architecture, with a modern vibe all of which is accompanied by passionate and friendly staff.

With all of this going for Rosslyn without even touching on the coffee yet, I knew this shop was next level….

So the coffee, the good bit, the bit your all here for right!? Well as you can expect is was incredible. I had the Muwa Estate, Kenyan, Roasted my Melbourne legends Commonfolk. It was brewed using  a Marco SP9 and they had that thing DIALLED IN….


As you can see they served it in a glass carafe and beautiful ceramic cup so you can pour it small and often. The coffee though …… straight from the off it was a real juicy raisin’s and sultana’s experience, then the follow up was everything you would expect from a kenyan, an explosion of blackberry with a lingering toffee sweetness to finish. Such an incredible coffee that does complete justice to pioneering coffee shop. Rosslyn for me is the future of specialty coffee in London and the UK. It’s for sure gone on my list of favorite shops around the world! So next time you’re in the Big Smoke be sure to swing by.

Always a vibe


Rosslyn me


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