Cold Brew Coffee.

Because im not a massive fan of the slow drip method for brewing coffee, there’s only one option…. A pour over style brew that is brewed hot as normal then allowed to cool (I suppose this isn’t  a true cold brew but Yolo).

There’s a few reasons for me not liking the 8 hour slow drip, the first is that I don’t really enjoy the mouth feel, I find it too much like syrup. The second it’s super concentrated and it can take a bit of tweaking to find a water to coffee ratio that works, and the third reason is this recipe is 7 hours and 57 minutes quicker.

So the pour over gone cold…

I like to brew it at a ratio of 15:1 this way when the brewed coffee is poured over the ice to cool non of the melted ice over dilutes the final brew. I also have a neet little trick using an aeropress to hold a large volume of ice to pour the coffee though, which makes it super easy.

Here’s the vibe for a single serving (V60):

  • Pre heat and rinse the V60 and paper filter as normal
  • Use 18g of freshly filter ground coffee
  • Bloom with 45g of water at 93 degrees and stir to make sure all the grounds are fully soaked
  • Wait 30 seconds
  • Pour 75g of water in a tight concentric circle, starting in middle and work outwards
  • Pour another 75g when the brew has lowered
  • Pour the final 75g as above
  • Gently push the brew clockwise with the back of a spoon
  • Pick up and tap the V60 on the brew vessel
  • Allow to full drain
  • Remove the V60
  • Take an aeropress and fit the filter holder (without a filter paper) and fill it full of ice
  • Place the aeropress on a carafe
  • Now pour your brewed V60 and pour it into the aeropress slowly
  • Take a nice glass with just a couple of pieces of ice and serve.


Batch brew tip:

If you have a batch brewer at home and you’ve had enough for the day bottle it and throw it in the fridge. Once cold it’ll be good to serve straight away,  it will keep for a few days too.




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