I’ve been playing around with the Aeropress a lot lately.

Probably due to the fact I’m going travelling around Canada and to carry a kettle and V60 around wouldn’t be practical due to the 23 kg luggage allowance. I do intend of getting a travel style pour over set up. I’ve seen a few on the market and as soon as i get one I’ll be testing it and let y’all know how it works.

So for now the Aeropress is a great alternative.  Its super light, easy to clean, pretty impossible to break and there is literally hundreds of variables you can change to alter the outcome of the brew.

For this particular brew I used a coffee that was beautifully roasted by Atkinson’s in Lancaster, UK. It was a micro lot from Nicaragua. Now this was a really special coffee it has this intense strawberry notes and a creamy mouth feel that completely reminds me of Campino’s  (if ya know ya know….) and defiantly one of my favourite coffees this year. I believe it’s now completely gone so sorry for telling you about how amazing it was I suppose you will have to keep your eyes peeled to the Atkinsons website for the new crop whenever that will be.




Here’s the brew recipe I used, I’d love to see you try it and let me know how you got on in the comments below.


  • Insert the filter paper into the holder and secure.
  • Place the Aeropress on your brew vessel
  • Pour hot water just off the boil into the Aeropress (this rinse’s the taste of the filter paper away)
  •  Pour the filter water away
  • Grind 14g of coffee to slightly finer than you would for a pour over.
  • Place it in the Aeropress
  • Add 200g of just off the boil water (or ideally 93 degrees)
  • Stir the brew 4 times
  • place the plunger on the top of the Aeropress (this stops the brew leaking by creating a vacuum)
  • Brew for 1:20
  • Remove the plunger and stir 3 more times
  • Slowly press for 20-30 seconds
  • serve and enjoy


Always a vibe.




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